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Why offer Wi-Fi?

Most property owners now know that access to the Internet is an important criteria when choosing accommodation. Research has shown that Wi-fi influences as many as 50% of guests on whether they re-book a chosen hotel.


It’s Free to Your Hotel!

No setup costs and no maintenance costs.

As an Ozone partner Hotel, you take advantage of our special offer to extend our hotspot network to selected strategic locations at our own cost. We take complete care of the Internet business allowing you to focus on your guests. Our free setup and installation means that your business earns revenue without any capital expenditure.

It’s that simple.


Become an Ozone Partner!


  • New or extended professional Wi-Fi service throughout your property.
  • Thousands of travellers and potential guests being informed that your hotel provides a national Wi-Fi service. We do this through global hotspot listings and major Tour Operators.
  • Attractive earnings from Wi-Fi purchases by guests and even non resident visitors.
  • A secure login to view your earnings and statistics of Wi-Fi purchases from within and around your property.
  • Providing your guests a unique Wi-Fi service they can use all around Malta.


Already offering Wi-Fi in your Hotel?

Great! – We have several ways of making Ozone work for you.

As an Ozone Partner Hotel, you can chose to have Ozone installed together with your existing Wi-Fi service or as an extension, adding greater coverage to your network. Even if you offer Wi-Fi for free. Your gests will still enjoy free Internet access PLUS be able to use Internet while they travel around Malta – and this earns you money!


Ask us about the many different offers ways Ozone can work within your Hotel.